Getzor Protective KN95 Face Mask

Getzor® FFP2/KN95 Face Mask With Exhalation Valve

Getzor Protective KN95 Face Mask 

FFP2 (KN95) mask is recommended by the World Health Organization for health protection

☑️ Thick 4-layer design, 95% higher filter efficiency

☑️ Getzor’s valve provides easy exhales and stops fogging

☑️ Adjust to fit your face securely and comfortably

☑️ Suitable For Adults & Children

☑️ Premium Medical-Grade Getzor Quality

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Getzor Protective KN95 Face Mask

Protective Face Mask KN95 with Breathing Valve

The Protective Face Mask KN95 is a new mask designed to protect the wearer from various types of infections, airborne bacteria and viruses, and even just normal levels of pollution. It is a mask that has a superior breathing valve. It has been popular lately in cities with high pollution levels, as well as with people with dust allergies.

The FFP2 is EU standard, KN95 is for Chinese standards, N95 is for US standards.

Getzor Protective KN95 Face Mask

Premium Medical-Grade Quality to Protect You

The surface layer is 50g spunbond, the second layer is 45g hot air cotton and the third layer is a 30g KN95 filter material, and the inner layer is 30g PP spunbond. The mask is disposable, however it has a long usage span of up to 8 hours of usage.

Always Be Protected from Nasty Germs, Pollution, and Viruses

Not only is the mask lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear, but it has an advanced breathing valve dust filter with Nanotechnology that helps prevent you from breathing in any dust.

Perfect for Allergies and Bad Air Quality

Even if you aren’t worried about viral infection, there are other uses for protective face masks. If you live and breathe in a polluted environment, face masks can keep your general health in check and your breathing easier and less at risk of pollutants from factories, exhaust fumes, etc.


Non-woven fabric spunbond and PP spunbond

Hot air cotton

KN95 filter material

Package Contains: 1 Mouth Mask PM 2.5 Professional KN95 Foldable Face Mask

*Replace your face mask after approximately 8 hours of usage or every week.